aus » long distance

if only new york wasn’t so far away (more)

Glee aus » Alternate Jobs

What would the glee people do if glee never happened? (more)

rachel’s older brother comes to visit and shit happens [more aus]

sometimes cooper anderson really hates his parents [more]

au in which kurt and blaine are (very) famous youtubers [part 1/more]

blaine doesn’t need three movies to handle a dragon  [more aus]

the dragon song

Klaine aus » The Holiday 

Kurt decides to spend christmas by himself in a cosy cottage in England. The last thing he expects is to meet single father Blaine.
au in which kurt and blaine are (very) famous youtubers [part 2/more]

rachel’s older brother isn’t a very good knocker ; [more]

glee ; friends style [more]
blaine joins masterchef [more]
glee as disney [part 1/more]

the new normal 
blaine and kurt are adopting a child and blaine makes a video [x]

anon requested destiel as blaine’s parents; 
blaine falls in love with the vampire they are hunting 

glee as other tv shows - [movies/more]